last modification: The 24th of October 2015

You don't need to simplify Your models. From now.

Dear Modelers!

Detailed instruction for Bentley is finally available.
I have added also documentation, that can help you in building of super-detailed model. You can find it here .
I'm still working on extension of the Bentley engine. Hope, that before Christmass a new version will be ready. For details see photos below.
The priming cups are currently out of stock - I need to prepare new form to maintain quality. THis product will be back soon.
3214 spark plugs has been revised - now it looks much better.
All news has been listed below.

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Spark plugs 3214 have been revised to be more accurate:

Some progress on extending Bentley Br2 engine:


3230b Starting Magneto and Magneto Selector Switch for German Aircraft - simplified assembly (fasteners integrated)